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Multi-scale features in tribology are born from the need to take into account the many complex processes at work in a real system, especially at the interface of the solid bodies’ surfaces.  A succession of phenomena with different orders of magnitude in time and space must be identified and thus properly linked each other.  The method may include both theoretical and empirical knowledge at widely differing scales.

Tribological phenomena at surfaces and interfaces are multi-scale by nature.  They still reveal ‘mysteries’ which remain important scientific barriers to break.  It is only natural that modeling techniques including time and space scales dependencies and/or experimental tools handling proper time and space dimensions can be fruitfully applied.  Thus tribologists wishing to attend the 42nd Symposium are invited to present their work in the various aspects of surfaces and interfaces, ranging from atomistic theories to practical engineering experiments.  In doing so, the validity of the models and the relevance of the results can be better established in advanced studies of lubrication, friction and wear.

Conference Topics

Track 1. Scale-related analysis of full-film lubrication

Track 2. Across the scales in the boundary lubrication regime

Track 3. Dry friction and wear: from mechanics to physical-chemistry

Track 4. Biological response in tribological environments

Track 5. Fifty years of Greenwood-Williamson










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